Thai Food - Pineapple Rice

Thailand Food List: What to eat in Thailand ?

Thailand food list; Thai drinks, snacks and desserts can all be interesting to us. But you should definitely try some of these. I’ve prepared for you what you need to try… Thailand Food List’s adding new food to the list every day.

Pineapple Rice / Thailand’s favorite vegetable Food

Thais have found pineapple fruit with red meat, chicken and prawns in an exquisite taste. Pineapple Rice, which leaves a sweet-and-sour taste in your mouth, is flavored with garlic and soy.

Thai Food - Pineapple Rice
Thailand Food – Pineapple Rice

If you say I don’t eat meat, you can also find vegetable types.

Khanom Chan

You can see dozens of different dishes and snacks in Thailand. The most interesting of these is Khanom Chan, which resembles small soap patterns.

Thai Food - Khanom Chan
Thailand Food – Khanom Chan

Made with coconut milk and pandan flavours, these little confections have a slightly sticky but exquisite flavour.

Khanom Tako

When you want something sweet you we have a suggestion that you won’t find anywhere else; Tako. You can enjoy a nice dessert feast with pudding made from coconut and mung beans stuffed into banana leaves.

Thai Food - Khanom Tako
Thailand Food – Khanom Tako

Not to mention the spectacular presentation.


The Thai dessert, made with Mung beans, is garnished with coconut and served in ice moulds. The Sarim, which colours the stalls, will appeal to your eyes as well as your stomach.

Thai Food - Sarim
Thailand Food – Sarim

It may be the sweetest way to cool down when you’re overwhelmed by the heat.

Thai Tea

Thailand’s Tea which both accompanies meals and makes you cool on hot days, is one of the most important local delicacies to try.

Thai Drink - Thai Tea
Thailand Drink – Thai Tea

In addition to being sweet, tea leaves a sour taste in your mouth, mixed with sugar and lemon and served cold.

Phanaeng / Favourite in Thailand Food: Coconut Cream

Phanaeng, a dish to suit the palates of those who are fond of meat dishes, is prepared with coconut cream.

Thailand Food - Phanaeng
Thailand Food – Phanaeng

In addition to the taste of the country is healthy and satisfying, we can say one of the favorite dishes.

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