Asiatique the Riverfront

Thailand Tour: Shop at Night by the Riverfront

asiatique the riverfront
Thailand Tour – Asiatique The Riverfront

Thailand tour sound exciting, Asiatique the Riverfront. Even though there are lots of places you can visit at Thailand, we will touch upon a magnificent place which differentiates from the others because of its uniqueness: Asiatique the Riverfront

Thailand Tour: Asiatique the Riverfront

Thailand Tour - Asiatique The Riverfront

It is surprising to know that Asiatique used to be a dirty place and stinking because of sewers, and a place for ships to dock. Asiatique the Riverfront is now the most popular night bazaar to shop at if you are on a Thailand tour and it is where all elite people go thanks to the innovations that has been made. Asiatique is the most fun bazaar and mall combination by the river and probably the most expensive one among them. It has 4 districts where all Asiatique sections sell different items and services such as clothing, street foods, entertainment and a good long night walk to the river as close as possible. 

How to get to the Asiatique Bangkok in a Thailand Tour?

You can go to Asiatique by a car or by a boat. Considering it is the first time you are visiting there and you do not have a car, you can always take a taxi or take the Red Bus 15 which departs from Siam Centre. Even though taxis take you to Asiatique directly and the bus is free, keep in mind that traffic can be a huge problem and you can accidentally spend more time than you want on road. 

We recommend that you take the boat to the beautiful Asiatique the Riverfront. You definitely will have your best 15 minutes on a cruise trip along the Chao Phraya River. 

The 4 Districts of Asiatique the Riverfront

Thailand Tour - Asiatique The Riverfront
Thailand Tour – Asiatique The Riverfront

There is no way that you can get lost in Asiatique the Riverfront because everything in there is well ordered and there is a map that you can use while you are on a Thailand Tour and visiting Asiatique in Bangkok. There are 4 districts where each of them has their own category of items.

The Factory District

This is where technological items and high fashion comes together. In addition to the Apple store that is located here, there are more than 500 shops that you can buy home decor and clothing.

Charoenkrung District

This is the district you need to look for if you are planning to buy souvenirs for your family and friends because there are lots of small boutique shops that sell handicrafts, clothing and jewellery.

The Town Square District

Feeling hungry? Then you should go to the Town Square District because it is home to the famous food brands like KFC and Au Bon Pain and also lots of cafes and street food carts. 

The Waterfront District

If you do not like dining at a cafe, you can visit Waterfront District to have a full course meal from different cultures ranging from Italian to Asian cuisine. This is the closest district to the riverside, so you can also take a walk, attend concerts and festivals or ride the huge ferris wheel. 

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