Thailand Tour - Surin Islands
Thailand Tour: Surin Islands
Thailand Tour: Surin Islands

Surin Islands Tour Guide

Thailand has more than 1500 islands and I know that it might be hard to decide which ones to visit and which ones to not visit. There are some islands that gets frequently visited by both local and foreign visitors, but, Surin Islands are not one of them.

They are not very known by tourists, but do not think that it is because they are not worth to visit or see them. It is because there is no accommodation opportunities for the ones who would like to stay there overnight.

Surin Islands are connected to the Phang Nga province and it is very close to Phuket. However, those islands does not still receive the attention they deserve. There are some very famous islands everybody tends to visit while on a Thailand tour, and I think that Surin Islands are definitely worth to be one of the famous ones.

Surin Islands Guide – A Paradise For Diving

Surin Islands, or with an another name Mu Koh Surin National Park, is 60 kilometers away from central Thailand and it is formation of five islands. They are famous for their pure white sand beaches and sky blue clean sea. More to that, it is the perfect place who are looking for an island which is as natural as possible.

What I mean by that is, there are no buildings, no markets, no trace of the city. While this islands can fulfill your “dream island” expectations, do not expect a luxurious holiday.

Surin Islands Snorkeling
National Park | Snorkeling Area – A Paradise For Diving

To get to the Surin Islands while on a Thailand tour, you can take a boat from Khura Buri Port and it will approximately take one to one and a half hours to get to the Surin Islands. The boat ticket price is 1700 Baht per person. Khura Buri is 200 kilometers away from Patong, and it takes around 4 or 5 hours with a car.

So do not try to visit Surin Islands if you have a day in Thailand, because you will spend most of your day on road and you will probably do not enjoy the beauty they have to offer. Rather than that, you can always camp on the beach. It will be a magnificent experience to wake up with a sound of sea and birds.

National Park – Surin Islands

Surin Island - National Park
National Park Snorkeling Area
Surin Island - Map
Thailand Islands Large Map

What you need to know about National Park

However, camping is controlled by the National Park office. You cannot just go there with your equipment and camp. They also sell the equipment if you do not have any yourself, and the price for a tent is 300 Baht per night. The tent is for two people.

Unfortunately, those tents do not come with pillows, mattresses or sleeping bags so you should also buy them if you do not have them. The price for each item is 20 Baht per night. The camping ground has a shared toilet and bath, a bar, restaurants and you can also book boats from there.

We definitely recommend camping on Surin Islands while on a Thailand tour because that beauty is not there for missing it! Hope you enjoy your tour.

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