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Thailand Tour: Safari World – The Moment You’re Closest to Nature

Thailand Tour: Safari World
Thailand Tour: Safari World Full Map

If you did a little bit of a research about Thailand because you have plans to visit this beautiful country, you know that Thailand and Thailand tour is famous for many things such as temples, palaces, street food, seafood and Buddha statues. But Thailand tours are not limited to those kinds of activities.

There is a gigantic open zoo at Bangkok, capital of Thailand, that we guarantee that you will have the most fun in your life while visiting that place. Do not miss this opportunity to see and feed elephants, giraffes, dolphins and sea lions especially if you have time to kill while still in Thailand. There is no age limit to enter this gorgeous open zoo called Safari World in Thailand. So you can visit it by yourself, with your friends and family, or go there with your kids.

Thailand Tour: Safari Tour With Animals

Thailand Tour: Safari Tour With Animals

You can see a lot of animals like zebra, deers, tigers, lions and bears and it is definitely not limited to those animals. There are lots of things to discover at Safari World. There is a tour pack which also includes Marine Park and that is a must-take tour in Thailand.

Thailand Tour: Safari Tour With Animals

Safari World is divided into three parts. The biggest and the first part is for cars and busses and 480 acres in total. This part is called the open zoo. The second park is a bird park where you can see all the different types of birds in one place. The third part is  where the zoo stuff is happening, but do not think of the traditional zoos because Marine Park is not like anything you have ever seen. In Safari World’s third place, the Marine Park, you can pay for watching various types of animal shows and eat the famous Thai street food. There are lots of gift shops in Marine Park if you are planning to buy stuff for yourself, your family or your friends.

There are some rules you need to know

The open part of the zoo is the place where animals wander freely and not kept in cages. It is actually the place for animals and not for humans. The eight kilometers long zoo’s first part has every kind of herbivores such as zebras, camels, antelopes, gazelles and rhinos. But that is not all! There are also bird species like ostriches, pelicans, cranes, and nightmarish marabou storks.  You can drive your car in this part of Safari World and stop whenever you want to look at this fantastic animal species. But of course, there are some rules that you have to follow while doing that:

  1. Do not feed the animals.
  2. Drive slowly.
  3. Do not honk or make noises that can disturb the animals.

Thailand Tour | A unique experience: Safari Tour

If you want to take a closer look to the animals, you can look at them from your open window but do not even try to get out of your car since it is against the rules. After you go a little bit further in the Safari World, a great deal of giraffes will greet you. There is a rumor that the giraffe herd in that place is the largest herd in the world. This will definitely a wonderful experience because it is really uncommon to see free animals walking around without getting bothered by people around them.

Thailand Tour: Safari World Gallery

Jurassic Park Zone

However, there is another place in the Safari World that is guarded by security and metal gates and it is called the Jurassic Park. If you want to go inside, you have to be inside of your car with all the windows closed, and then the gate would be open for you.

When you go in, there is another metal gate that will be opened to the predators den. Even though the animals are fed regularly and seem like napping peacefully, it is only natural to get intimidated by the size of the tigers, leons and black bears.

There are camouflaged cars everywhere to ensure your security. If you have trouble with the animals or with your car, do not ever try to get out of your car. There is a clear statement of that you should just honk and wait for help to reach you if you are having any disturbance. The best time to visit the Jurassic Park is the morning since they will be fed in the mornings.

Safari World: Marine Park

Thailand Tour - Saferi World Marine Park
Thailand Tour – Saferi World Marine Park

When you are done with the Safari World, we recommend you to visit Marine Park. It is more of a traditional park with caged animals but the shows that animals are putting on stage is making the difference. If you want to visit, you have to arrange a day where there are at least ten shows and that shows includes the elephant show. Most of the shows are arranged in a big amphitheatre, and if you are going to the Marine Park with your child, we are sure that s/he will love it!

The most attracting show is the dolphin show, and definitely the most popular one among other ones.  Do not miss the the giraffe feeding since it will be an unforgettable memory to bring back home and tell friends.

Detailed Information About The Tour

Even though the shows are not animal friendly and some people are against it, it will be a good day to spend with animals of the wild to escape the boring and tiring city life with your family. Safari World opens at 9 am and closes at 5pm while Marine Park opens at 9 am and closes at 8 pm. The entrance fee for Safari World is 400 Baht for adults and 300 Baht for children and to enter Marine World you have to pay 700 Baht for adults and 450 Baht for children. You can buy a ticket that combines both at a discount: 900 Baht for adults and 550 Baht for children.

Hope you have a really great time with these wild animals, have fun!

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