Thailand Tour: Bangkok Weekend Market

Thailand Tour: Bangkok Weekend Market

Known as the Angel City, Bangkok is one of the most famous cities in the world. There are a lot of reasons for Bangkok’s fame, like famous Thai food, gorgeous temples and palaces, tuk-tuks, friendly people, tropic fruits, sky blue seas and island. However, we cannot preclude what makes Bangkok the most famous city in Thailand: shopping opportunities! Bangkok can surpass a lot of famous cities in terms of shopping because there are lots of gigantic malls and floating markets. One of the shopping places that you can find everything, literally everything, is Chatuchak Weekend Market. If you are on a Thailand tour, or planning to attend one, you cannot exclude Chatuchak weekend Market and go home without shopping there.

Thailand Tour: Everything you Need to Know about Chatuchak

Chatuchak Weekend Market has 30 districts and more than 1000 shops. We recommend you to spare one day from your Thailand tour to enjoy this weekend market fully. We cannot count the things you can get as souvenirs for your friends and family or even for yourself. If you take the metro and get off at the Kamphaeng Phet station, you will find yourself at the entrance of Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can get a map there for yourself if you are worried about getting lost. Here is the list of what you can find at the Chatuchak Weekend Market while on your Thailand Tour and we divided them into districts:

Books, instruments, food in district 1

Clothing and handicraft in districts 2-4

Second hand clothing, vintage clothing, knick knacks in districts 5-6

Antique, furniture, ceramics, artworks, designer items, incense and fieldstones in district 7-9 (Art enthusiasts will really love this place. There are different kinds of art everywhere suitable for every pocket. In some of the shops, the artists themselves are selling their work and if you are lucky you can even have a conversation with them.)

Clothing, accessorize, home decor, souvenirs, pets and live animals in districts 10-24

Ceramics, dry or fresh food in districts 17-19 (You can order food in this districts and sit while waiting for your order. Some of the seafood might be expensive even though it is street food, so it would be best if you check the prices before ordering.)

Antique, furniture, handcraft in districts 22-26

Books and food in district 27

A few suggestions for Chatuchak

Considering Chatuchak Weekend Market is a very crowded place and the weather would probably be sunny, we recommend you wear thin clothes, sneakers, a hat and sunglasses to be as comfortable as possible. If you do not want to carry lots of money on you, you can always use the ATM in the districts 1 and 4.

The weekend market might be more crowded than you expect after noon and you should be careful about getting pickpocketed. You can always find a beverage you have never tried before if you get thirsty in Chatuchak Weekend Market but it will always help to have a bottle of water with you all the time.

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