Thai Food

Thailand’s Most Popular Dishes

Thai Food & Recipes; Thailand food is quite varied. Certainly don’t be afraid that “I’m going to go hungry.” I share Thai food for you, which is a constantly updated list.

Thai Food Best List
Thai Food Best List

Pad Thai

Noodles themselves, where you can eat chicken, pork, veal or shrimp, according to preference.

Thai Food - Pad Thai
Thai Food – Pad Thai

Of course, they don’t make seasonless, but they also happen in those who put eggs in them when they’re being prepared. If you don’t like eggs, make sure to mention it. Pad Thai can be found everywhere, both on street stalls and in luxury restaurants.

Recipe: Quick Shrimp Pad Thai

Yam Neua Yang

It’s one of Thailand’s most famous salads, and I think it tastes great. A salad with veal and green onions, mint, such as a salad prepared with greens I think will appeal to your taste buds.

Thai Food - Yam Neua Yang
Thai Food – Yam Neua Yang

There are also versions of this salad, such as chicken, pork and shrimp. I suggest you pay attention when ordering.

Khao Phad Kung

Shrimp dish with fried rice. It is prepared using fresh garlic, green onions, eggs and soy sauce. It’s a different flavor.

Thai Food - Khao Phad Kung
Thai Food – Khao Phad Kung

I like it a lot because I like soy sauce and shrimp. It depends on the taste buds, but it’s one of Thailand’s famous delicacies.

Kai Pad Med Mamuang

Naturally, this flavor also comes into dishes, as there is cashew production in Thailand. This dish uses dried peppers, chicken and cashews.

Thai Food - Kai Pad Med Mamuang
Thai Food – Kai Pad Med Mamuang

Of course, you can add fresh garlic and lemon to your request. I think try. You will not regret it.

Spring Roll

Actually, it’s the cigarette pie you know. But think of the material as more plentiful and a little bigger. You can find meat with vegetables or vegetables (pork,chicken,red meat).

Thai Food - Spring Roll
Thai Food – Spring Roll

Street stalls are indispensable and inexpensive. You may particularly prefer to fudge your lunches.

Kai Jeow

One of the best choices, especially for breakfast, Kai Jeow is a Thai omelette, in the simplest terms. I’ve been to Thailand 6-7 times so far and I’ve stayed more than 6 months in total. It’s one of the most delicious I’ve ever had for breakfast.

Thai Food - Kai Jeow
Thai Food – Kai Jeow

Fish sauce, pepper and eggs are mixed and fried in oil and rice is put on it before serving and a little pepper sauce is added on it. Try it for breakfast.

Banana Pancakes

There is actually a serious philosophy behind this word. The traveller route, which was created by backpackers in the sixties until now, is also named by this name. This is one of the cheapest and most delicious flavors on this route, banana pankek is very naturally named after this route.

Thai Food - Banana Pancakes
Thai Food – Banana Pancakes

This flavour, which can be found almost anywhere, is filled with fried dough bananas and poured concentrated milk with sugar over it. It’s almost like a burst of dessert is taking place in the mouth, and so it’s among the favourite foods. Take it where you find it.

Som Tam

There is no way that you can come across a place that sells Som Tam, the staple of Thai cuisine. The peeled papaya is pounded in a mortar with carrots, peanuts, tomatoes, bush beans, palm sugar, fish sauce and a full chilli. Do not ask for additional pain because the same mortar is used during the day because the remaining pepper grains from the previous ones are bitter enough.

Thai Food - Som Tam
Thai Food – Som Tam

It has such an addictive creative flavour that you want to stop yourself from eating but you can’t stop it. Take it in a bowl like mine, tie it to the pavement and sit down and enjoy the flavour as tears come from your eyes.

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